Friday, August 29, 2008


Well I figured our first post should be just a little bit about us. Let's see...

Dustin is in the Business School at BYU with an emphasis in sales and marketing. He is a manager at Spring (they are a third party store for AT&T cell phones) He became manager after only working there for a couple weeks. He's really good at his job! Dustin is a big golfer. He loves to golf whenever he can. His family just had their family golf tournament and his team won.

I have taken some time off from school to work full time. I work in a Dental Office, Canyon Dental, and love it. I'm going to start taking my pre-reqs for Hygiene school and I'm really excited about that. I really like the dental field. I love to dance. I want to travel to as many places as possible. Unfortunately, there aren't that many places I've been to so far.

We live in Provo, Utah right now. We hope to move somewhere warm once Dustin is done with school. We both want to move back home, so where we live will be quite the conversation when the time comes.