Sunday, February 14, 2010

You + Me = LOVE

So Tuesday after work Dustin told me that he had my Valentine's present already. I was rather surprised because we had set a $10 limit and he hadn't asked me once what I wanted. I was also very excited because I love surprises. Latter on he asked me if he could just give it to me now. For those that don't know, Dustin has a very difficult time holding on to a present until the day you're supposed to give it. We go through this with my birthday, anniversary, and Christmas. At first I went through my normal "No just wait a few more days", but after much persistence from Dustin I finally gave in and said fine you can give it to me now. When he came into the room with a rather large Nordstroms box I had a feeling he didn't stay within our $10 limit. Because honestly what can you even buy from Nordstroms for $10? I opened the box and found the beautiful Coach purse that I had previously told him I was so in love with, but of course had no real intentions of buying. My sweet husband continued to tell me that it was to show how much he appreciated me and all I do for him. I was so overwhelmed!

I still get gitty everytime I look at it! It will be a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband! Dustin and I have been married for just over 2 1/2 years and it gets better everyday. I still get gitty when I look at him too. He has been by my side through good times and bad times and I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is so smart, loving, helpful with household chores, motivated, and so funny! He is always trying to make me laugh, even when I don't really want to laugh, but always end up laughing anyway. I am so greatful for every day I get to spend with him. He is truly one of the biggest blessings in my life!

Us on Valentines Day. When Dustin saw this picture he said that my shirt made it look like I didn't have boobs like an optical allusion. I told him that's exactly what a girl wants to hear. Oh my husband always trying to make me laugh. Some times it doesn't quite work! :)


Aly said...

that purse is so darling! great job dustin!

Flaherty Fam said...

Oh, what a nice hubby! Love the new purse. You two are so cute!

The Pocket Inn said...

Love this post and LOVE that purse! Such a sweet little story! loves u!