Sunday, January 25, 2009

Showers and Sundance

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I had the opportunity to throw one of my best friends a baby shower. I have known Lauren since Freshman year of college, but it seems like a lot longer. She is one of the nicest most giving people I've ever met. She is going to have a little baby boy named Holden Mckay Farrer. She's due Feburary 15, but we all hope he comes a little sooner than that. I know I can't wait to see him.

Lauren and I on her wedding day. I was lucky enough to be her maid of honor.

All of us girls at the shower.

Then later that night a bunch of us went up to the Sundance Film Festival. We had tickets to what we thought was going to be 3 short documentaries... boy we were wrong. The "movie" started, if you could even call it a movie, and we were in for a bizarre surprise. The screen started flashing different images with strange dialog and sounds playing with it. Dustin and I kept looking at each other trying to figure out what we were watching. After 23 minutes of craziness the second documentary started. This one actually was a documentary. It was about bees. Yes I know, doesn't sound very exciting, but after what we had just experienced at least we could follow and understand this. Then the last "movie" started. There was a white box on the screen and it faded in and out. This is ALL IT DID! This one was supposed to be 44 minutes. Dustin and I just started laughing. Many people in the audience began walking out. We couldn't believe that someone made this, thought it was movie, and thought that people would acutally enjoy watching it. We left after about 15 minutes of it. We then went and got hot chocolate, walked around town, and tried to see some celebrities... with no luck. All and all it was really fun, but one of the strangest experiences.

Dustin and I in front of movie posters... all of which I'm sure would have been better than the "movie" we saw.

Linda and I after getting hot chocolate.

Dustin with a bear.

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