Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

So my ring had been gone for a really long time (a month and a half, but it felt like FOREVER) and I was kind of getting antsy to get it back, I'm sure the guy at the ring store was sick of hearing from me. Well while Dustin and I were out running errands today I decided to stop by the jewelers to see if it was in yet. And to my surprise IT WAS! I was so relieved and excited. (Side note: when I had dropped it off they asked me if I wanted my ring to be re-dipped for an additional cost, but we had decided against it) So when he gave me my ring he said they had placed the diamond back in, cleaned it, and re-dipped it. When I went to get my wallet out to pay for it the guy said not to worry about it because it had taken so long for me to get my ring back and that they felt terrible about it. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! What an amazing surprise. Not only did I not have to pay to get it fixed, but I got it re-dipped too for free. It looks brand new just like the day Dustin gave it to me and I can't stop looking at it like back then too. I am so so so happy to have it back. I feel complete again.

Then tonight one of Dustin's friends invited us to their Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. We had dinner and then went on a hay ride and caroling. It was so much fun and really made it feel like Christmas time... until we came to one house, starting singing, a woman came to the door listened for 2 seconds and then slammed the door! HOW RUDE! I couldn't believe it. Such a Scrooge! However, the really nice elderly couples we sang to made it better again. I love Christmas time and cannot wait til we get to go to Bakersfield and Mesa to spend time with our families.

Us bundled up while caroling

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Chance & Sarah said...

Love your family pictures below. So cute. I was wondering where everyone was at Thanksgiving. Hope you had a great Christmas.